Universal Health Care New Jersey


This website is dedicated to providing the people of New Jersey with information about creating a more humane healthcare system  for the people of  our State of New Jersey. We hope that the information provided below will encourage you to join with us and help build this growing movement already taking place in approximately 20 other states in our nation so far.

Health Care Savings for New Jersey

The State of New Jersey would save at least $2.2 billion per year—that’s 7.4% of its 2011–2012 budget of $29.8 billion.

  • $1.5–$1.9 billion on employee health benefits
  • $0.7 billion on charity care

NJ’s unfunded postretirement health benefits obligation would disappear—that’s $57 billion less debt.

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Local governments in New Jersey would realize similar savings, reducing the State aid they require.

  • Jersey City would save $49 million/year
  • Camden would save $17 million/year (75% of Camden’s budget comes from the State of NJ)
  • Passaic County would save between $32 and $39 million/year

Proposal for a New Jersey Single-Payer Health Plan


The New Jersey Universal Healthcare Coalition supports a state single-payer health care system that:

  • Ensures that all New Jersey residents receive quality health care, regardless of income;
  • Promotes public health through the prevention of diseases
  • Does not restrict, delay or deny care;
  • Reduces costs through increased quality of care, prevention, efficiency, and reduced bureaucracy;
  • Allows patients to choose their own providers;
  • Ensures an adequate number of qualified health care professionals and facilities to guarantee availability of — and timely access to — quality care throughout the State; and
  • Reduces health care disparities by race, age, gender, income, sexual orientation, disability, religion and geographic region

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In 1991 78% of New Jerseyans Supported the Enactment of a National Health Program

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