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August 2016 NJ Universal Healthcare Coalition e-Newsletter

Demonstrations at the DNC Calling for Single Payer Healthcare

Cornell West

Cornell West speaks with demonstrators at the Democratic National Convention.
Picture taken by Tom Knoche, Chair NJUHC. Tom and other coalition members
joined the demonstrations at the DNC.

NJUHC Wins Grant from The Foundation for a Better Tomorrow

The Foundation for a Better Tomorrow has awarded NJUHC a grant of $5,900 to support public education activities as we work to bring quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to all New Jersey residents. This funding will contribute to our ability to employ a part-time (25 hours per month) program specialist whose duties will include developing and monitoring NJUHC social network platforms, expanding our listserv and assisting with public information forums If you know anyone with good social network and data platform computer skills and a commitment to universal healthcare please have them contact NJUHC through our email

And our special thanks to everyone at The Foundation for a Better Tomorrow for supporting universal health care for all the residents of New Jersey.


AETNA Threatens to Withdraw from ACA Exchanges: Despite growing profit margins the for-profit insurance giant AETNA is threatening to withdraw from the exchanges because they claim there are too many sick people signing up for their plans. Click here to read an article by Wendell Potter in the Huffington Post on AETNA's move to protect outsize profits at the expense of their enrollees. 

24 Million Still Uninsured: Click here to learn about who is still uninsured in America.

Membership Meeting to be Held in November 2016

The biannual NJUHC Membership Meeting will take place in November, after the elections. A notice will be sent out in the Fall with specific times, location and agenda.  Please look for that notice and plan to attend.

Every Donation Counts

If you can, please donate to support our work. It's easy! Just click here. If you aren't already a member, you can use the same link to join and pay the annual $25 individual membership dues. Thank you.

Please donate to support our work

We can’t do this work without your help! Many solicitations ask you to put a band-aid on a continuing problem. We want to end problems with access to affordable health care once and for all. Every dollar you give will be used to get at the root of the problem—building a movement in NJ that can win simple, economical and humane guaranteed health care for every State resident, cradle to grave.

Please click here if you would like to donate. We thank you in advance for supporting our work!

Thank you for your attention and support.

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