Universal Health Care New Jersey

Universal Healthcare New Jersey
Endorsement Letter and Form

The extraordinary high cost of U.S. healthcare combined with poor health outcomes as compared to other developed countries is a national disgrace. Those who study the status of health care in the US and across the developed world know that the best solution to this debacle is not Obamacare but is a single payer system or expanded and improved Medicare for All.

The NJ Universal Healthcare Coalition is a group of concerned citizens who advocate for the establishment of a single payer system in New Jersey that would insure access to quality health care for all New Jersey residents. By taking this initiative, we hope to add our state to the twenty or more other states that are working toward similar goals. Ultimately we all hope to see accessible, affordable, and quality health care available universally across the country.

We want your help. The more New Jersey organizations that actively support this effort, the better chance we have of bringing pressure on our legislators to pass such a healthcare law.

Please review the proposal and complete the endorsement form. If you have any questions feel free to contact any of our coalition members listed below. We hope we can count on you to join our efforts to build a health care system that insures accessible, effective, and affordable health care to all New Jersey residents.

In solidarity,


Winthrop C. Dillaway, MD
Physicians for a National Health Program
Chapter President


Carol Gay, President
NJ State Industrial Union Council


Bennet Zurofsky, Esquire


Paula Friedman, Retiree Committee
Bergen County Central Labor Council


Thomas R. Knoche


Karen White
URA-AFT Local 1766

Thar signature

William Thar, MD
Physicians for a National Health Program



Elaine Herzog, Ed.D.
Physicians for a National Health Program


Endorsement Form

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