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February Newsletter

Welcome to NJ Universal Healthcare Coalition E-Newsletter #4!

Bernie Sanders Medicare for All Plan

Finally we have an open political discussion about the need for universal health care that is affordable and accessible in the United States. See Bernie Sanders’plan.

FIX IT: Healthcare at the Tipping Point

On January 30th NJUHC held a special meeting for the first NJ screening of the new healthcare documentary: FIX It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point. Richard Masters, CEO of MCS Industries, Inc. produced the film to demonstrate how the current US healthcare system is suffocating business, and how a single payer system would be both more economical and more humane. In an ensuing discussion of this highly effective film, members committed to identifying NJ business people who would be open to viewing FIX IT and considering its implications for their businesses. If you would like to participate in or hold small forums for business leaders in your community, please let us know via njuniversalhealthcare@gmail.com. You can also learn more about the film at fixithealthcare.com.

Single Payer Health Plan Wouldn’t Cost the US More!

Despite recent claims to the contrary, a single payer health plan would not cost the US more than the current system in great part because public money (collected through existing taxes) currently covers over 65% of current health care costs. See Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein’s (physician founders of Physicians for a National Health Program and prominent researchers on healthcare policy) recent letter to the Philadelphia Inquirer about the savings under single payer.

Legislative Update

The Legislative Committee is preparing for meetings with Senator Ronald Rice of the 28th NJ District and Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver of the 34th NJ District. At these meetings we will ask if they want to sponsor single payer legislation for New Jersey. If you reside in one of these districts and want to help, please contact us at: njuniversalhealthcare@gmail.com.

Hold the date: Labor for Single Payer Roundtable Meeting
March 2, 2016. New Brunswick NJ
More information forthcoming!

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