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March Newsletter

Welcome to NJ Universal Healthcare Coalition E-Newsletter #5!

Single Payer is still the best healthcare solution despite recent arguments to the contrary. The controversy and conversation about single payer continues and is even argued within some liberal groups. Clickhere to learn more about why single payer would be the most efficient, effective, and affordable U.S. healthcare system and the fallacies behind recent arguments to the contrary.

NJUHC Annual Membership Meeting to be held on Saturday April 16th!

Please plan to attend. If you are not already a member you can join at the meeting or via our website ($100 for organizations and $25 for individuals). We will be electing new Board Members. All member organizations are encouraged to nominate someone from their organization to join our board. We are actively seeking nominations from a diverse group of organizations to work with us on achieving universal quality healthcare in New Jersey. E-mail us at njuniversalhealthcare@gmail.com to make a nomination.

At the Membership Meeting we will also be viewing a shortened version of the extraordinary documentary Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point which presents the case for why American businesses would benefit from and should support a single payer healthcare system. We plan to show this video more broadly to the business community and seek assistance from our members with this goal.

Time and Place: Saturday, April 16th. Formal proceedings begin at 11AM but you are invited to enjoy refreshments and conversation with other members beginning at 10:30. Meeting will be held at:

Rutgers Labor Education Center Room 130–131
50 Labor Center Way
New Brunswick, NJ directions

Legislative Update. Eight NJUHC representatives met this month with New Jersey Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski of the 19th District. Assemblyman Wisniewski is a strong supporter of single payer healthcare reform and has agreed to pursue development of a New Jersey bill based on NJUHC's proposal for a single payer/Medicare for all NJ plan. The committee is now working actively to set up meetings with Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver of the 34th District and Senator Joseph Vitale of 19th District.

Labor Round Table. The Labor Round Table was held on March 2 and was attended by representatives from many different unions and labor organizations. The group had a lively discussion on the benefits of single payer for everyone and new members for the NJUHC were identified. Learn more about labor advocacy for single payer by clicking here.

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