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October 2016 NJ Universal Healthcare Coalition e-Newsletter

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Colorado Referendum puts Universal Health Care for all Coloradans on the Ballot
In November Coloradans will have an opportunity to vote for making accessible, affordable, quality healthcare available for all their residents.  This initiative has been led by a coalition of Medicare for All/single payer advocates similar to NJUHC. NJUHC strongly supports this initiative since success in Colorado will make success in New Jersey that much easier. To learn more about the work in Colorado and/or to volunteer go to the following website—http://www.coloradocare.org/know-the-facts/. You can also volunteer to make phone calls for Colorado Care by going to the OurRevolution website https://ourrevolution.com/ballot-initiatives/colorado-amendment-69
Many other states have strong initiatives in support of universal health care including New York, Pennsylvania, California, Hawaii, Washington, New Mexico, Minnesota and Vermont. As we all work to bring single payer/Medicare for All to individual states our ultimate goal of nation wide access to quality affordable health care becomes more of a reality. 

PUBLIC OPTION? Not a substitute for single payer!

NJUHC does not support recent proposals by the Democratic Party for a public option insurance plan to be added to the ACA. Such an insurance option would be no more successful than the cooperative plans that have been such dismal failures. WHY?

Given the clear support among the public for a universal single payer system let's concentrate our efforts on that goal rather than get distracted with a minimalist approach. For more information see https://www.healthcare-now.org/blog/public-option/


NJUHC and South Jersey NOW to Host Joint Event in March

NJUHC and South Jersey NOW are planning an educational event about single payer in South Jersey targeting women-owned business enterprises (WBEs). It is planned for next March and will include the short version of FixIt (see http://fixithealthcare.com/ ) a movie that explains how single payer benefits small businesses, and an expert panel.  If you'd like to volunteer to help plan this event, or know WBEs that should be invited, please contact Tom at knocheberg@aol.com. If you'd like to donate to help support this event, please make your check out to South Jersey NOW and send it to: South Jersey NOW, P.O. Box 2801, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. Thank you.

Part-time Outreach Worker sought to staff NJUHC

We are still accepting applications from folks who might be interested in working with NJUHC on a part-time basis. We are looking for a part-time (25 hours per month) program specialist whose duties will include developing and monitoring NJUHC social network platforms, expanding our list serve, and assisting with public information forums. If interested, please contact NJUHC through our email njuniversalhealthcare@gmail.com.

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