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New Jersey Universal Healthcare Coalition

October Newsletter

Healthcare is a Human Right!

Welcome to our Coalition's Newsletter! We plan to bring you monthly reports on efforts in New Jersey and nationwide to secure quality, affordable healthcare for all!

General Membership Meetings and New Board

Thanks to all who attended the NJ Universal Healthcare Coalition's (NJUHC) General  Membership Meetings on May 23, 2015 and September 26, 2015.

In addition to legislative, community, and other updates on our work, we discussed strategies to increase membership, capacity, and impact based on our proposal for a state universal healthcare  system adopted at the June 2014 General  Membership Meeting.

Board Election

In keeping with Coalition bylaws, board elections were held at the meeting on May 23, 2015 to fill additional board seats. Board membership is limited to members who are in good  standing at the time of the membership meeting. Progressive Democrats of America was elected to the Board and will serve a two ­year term. One board position remains open and we are actively seeking organizational members to fill that vacancy. If you are an organization member in good standing and would like to be represented on the Board, please  send us an email letting us know of your interest. The Board will consider nominations at its next meeting.

Legislative Activities

Our Coalition's Legislative Committee has been busy over the summer months and actively engaged in pursuing legislative leadership for our proposal. As a first step, they have identified a group of NJ legislators who may be willing to support our proposal, and work with the NJ Office of Legislative Services to get legislation drafted based on our proposal.

But more work needs to be done! We are building teams of people in targeted legislative districts who will meet with their respective legislators to see if they will be enthusiastic and dedicated sponsors for this legislation. Even in districts where the legislator is not likely a single payer supporter, we need people to help build contacts amongst their constituents and progressive organizations residing in that district.

Many states are already working to build strong organizations to advocate for single payer. We are now one of them. In Canada, for example, their single payer system was first adopted in Saskatchewan and then spread to the other provinces before becoming national policy.

What we know from other policies that help workers is that local policies drive the national policy, and we can make that happen in New Jersey with your help!

We hope that you will consider supporting our campaign in any way that you are able; every little bit will help!

If you are interested in helping us with this effort, please contact NJUHC at njuniversalhealthcare@gmail.com.

Join Us!

If you haven’t already done it, please consider joining as an individual or organizational member.

Your participation in raising awareness of the need for a universal health care system is important to the success of our campaign. We believe that it is not a matter of if, but when, single payer becomes the law of the land. With your help, it will be sooner rather than later. Click here to join.

Make a Donation!

We need your help! We have launched a fundraising  campaign with the goal to raise $10,000 by March 1, 2016. Board members have committed 20% of it, and  we are seeking grants to cover 40%. We will attain the remaining 40% with on­line donations, small scale fundraising events, and new memberships. We are working with our national affiliate, HealthcareNOW!, to take advantage of technical assistance it has offered. These funds will allow us to hire a part time staffperson to use the CiviCRM list­serve and  donor management software Healthcare­NOW makes  available to us. Please click here if you would like to donate. We thank you in advance for supporting our work!