Universal Health Care New Jersey

Statement of Purpose

The NJ Universal Healthcare Coalition exists to develop and build support for state-level single-payer legislation in New Jersey.

We take this mandate from a June 2010 gathering of single payer activists from around the State. At this gathering, attendees discussed various strategies for building a base of single payer supporters in New Jersey. Passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) two months earlier brought new challenges to our movement. The majority of attendees expressed interest in following Vermont’s example to advance single payer legislation at the state level, and recognized that Healthcare-NOW’s WIN-WIN campaign could be a useful tool because of its focus on public sector cost savings in a time of fiscal crisis.

Our focus on state-level single-payer legislation does not diminish our support for federal single payer (aka Medicare for All) legislation. It simply acknowledges that progressive health reform at the federal level is not imminent at this time, given the passage of the ACA and the subsequent SCOTUS decision that upheld it. Under current conditions, we believe we can more effectively build support for single payer by responding to local and statewide fiscal issues, and opportunities related to formation of the ACA-mandated NJ Health Exchange.

We agree to evaluate our Statement of Purpose on an annual basis so that we can adjust strategy based on our assessment of NJ’s poltical landscape.

Adopted by vote of the NJ Universal Healthcare Coalition at its regular monthly meeting on October 20, 2012.